By Christopher Patridge

Traveling for business? 5 unusual tips for your next hotel stay

1. Hotel business centers are very expensive. If you need to print documents, ask the front desk for the favor before laying down your credit card at the business center. Front desk associates are usually quite accommodating to reasonable requests.

2. There are plenty of hotel thieves out there, targeting rooms for laptops, passports, iPads, etc. When you are not in the hotel room, leave on your television or radio. The sound will make it seem like someone is in the room, a deterrent for any hall wanderers.

3. Many hotel rooms have limited electrical outlets by the side of the bed. Pack a light extension cord so that your devices can be conveniently powered by your side.

4. Stuffed luggage often results in creased clothing. If you are too lazy or have no time to iron ahead of a meeting, simply hang your garments in the bathroom and run the hot water in the shower. Amazingly, the steam will remove most of the creases after only a few minutes

5. For those men wearing collared shirts and forget to bring shirt stays/bones for the collar. Simply cut one of the plastic room keys into a shape that will fill your collar. The plastic will hold your collar in place so it doesn’t look like you are flying away.


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