By Christopher Patridge

BackBid Makes it Simple for Companies to Save on Corporate Travel

Montreal, Canada – July 2013– BackBid, the innovative hotel booking website that enables hotels to bid for customers’ business, has introduced Travel Manager. BackBid’s Travel Manager enables companies to receive competing hotel bids and easily book discounted rooms on behalf of their employee travelers. Travel Manager allows companies to take advantage of great hotel savings and benefits for their travelers in an effective and efficient manner.

Denver-based information security company, Accuvant, has recently deployed BackBid’s Travel Manager looking to reduce costs on thousands of room nights booked on an annual basis. Using Travel Manager, existing hotel reservations from Accuvant’s own travel booking engine, powered by Concur, flow seamlessly to BackBid. Competing hotel bids are then displayed and available for reservation on the Travel Manager Dashboard. Once a reservation is made, the corporate traveler is alerted via email of the new booking.

“BackBid’s Travel Manager makes it simple to view and reserve bids from hotels with no interruption or inconvenience to our corporate travelers,” said Jennifer Sanchez, Accuvant Expense Control Manager. “We are very excited to take advantage of the BackBid model and confident that the hotel savings will have a positive impact on our overall travel expense.”

BackBid’s Travel Manager is advantageous for both the company and the corporate traveler. Companies can benefit from BackBid’s $140 average savings per hotel stay, while corporate travelers can stay at hotels that are equal to or better than their company standard.

“We are extremely excited to launch our Travel Manager with Accuvant. The Accuvant team has provided valuable input to ensure that Travel Manager is corporate travel-friendly, “ said Chris Patridge, Executive Vice President of Marketing and one of the site’s co-founders. “We are confident that many more companies will embrace Travel Manager as a measure to control hotel costs without impacting their employees’ travel experience.”

Since its launch, BackBid has seen tremendous growth amongst both leisure and business travelers. Travel Manager simply extends the BackBid model to the corporate world. The Financial Times recently called BackBid “an intriguing site…which invites other hotels to bid on the booking.”

Companies can sign up for Travel Manager by contacting info@backbid.com. Consumers can post their reservations or travel plans at www.backbid.com.

For more information on BackBid or to arrange an interview with Chris Patridge, please contact news@backbid.com or 1.514.773.2437.


About Accuvant

Accuvant is the Authoritative Source for information security. Since 2002, the company has served more than 5,200 clients, including half of the Fortune 100 and more than 900 educational institutions and government entities. Headquartered in Denver, Accuvant has offices across the United States and Canada and boasts the largest and most elite army of technical security professionals in the world – Accuvant LABS. For more information, please visit www.accuvant.com.

About BackBid

BackBid is an online hotel booking site that allows posting of existing hotel reservations or travel plans, in order to solicit competing bids from neighboring hotels. BackBid does all of the work in finding the best rate and value for an upcoming hotel stay, without the endless online searching and price comparison. For more information on Travel Manager, please contact info@backbid.com or to register for a free consumer account, please visit www.backbid.com.


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