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List of Blog Entries for September 2011

Fido comes too: Tips for traveling with your pet

Some things to consider before bringing your pet on your next vacation: Keep in mind that sometimes hotels charge a deposit, a flat free rate to bring your pet, and there might be a weight limit. Be aware of all of these restrictions before booking. Read More

Simplifying packing with Evernote & other helpful packing tips

Packing is a daunting experience. Recently, I started using an application that I installed on my phone, my computer and even my iPad to help me stay focused and organized when figuring out what to pack for my next vacation. Read More

Prep Yourself for Post 9/11 Airport Security?

With the recent ten-year anniversary of the tragic 9/11 deaths, the entire world was reminded of the importance of proper airline security. Since that day ten years ago, the TSA security experience has changed drastically for anyone boarding an airplane. Read More